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Free Palestine, Free Syria, Free Rohingya, Free Kashmir, Free Chechnya, Free all Muslim lands!
Admin, don't panic! It happens all the time! The world must be informed about what goes on everyday in Muslim lands! Take a look at Palestine, it's been occupied by the real terrorists "israel" for over 60 years now! Thousands of Muslims have died just because they would like to remain in their land in stand of it being stolen by terrorists. They kill, bomb, torture, rape, the innocent Muslims, and demolish their homes. Don't forget Syria either, the conditions there are the most gruesome yet. Over 220,000 people have killed, and millions have been displaced because of the evil and blood thirsty will of the USA, Isrhell, and Assad. So many children without parents, that are starving and then all of a sudden they get barrel bombed, just imagine and let it sink in. All these people in Muslim lands all over the world being oppresed constatnly, it's the 21st century and people think they have so called "evovled" but yet they let genocide remain. Life is short and judgement day is near. (but Allah knows best). Wake up before it's too late. I bare witness there is no God but Allah and prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.
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