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Snorkeling – A 5,650-acre marine preserve, along the north coast of St. John, provides excellent snorkeling opportunities. At Saltpond and Lemeshur Bays, parrotfish, angelfish, tangs, grunts, rays, snappers, jacks, and tarpon might be seen along the reef or the sandy bays.
The underwater trails at Trunk Bay offer excellent snorkeling opportunities.
Snuba – Snuba is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. Snuba is one step closer to the undersea world scuba divers have always raved about—the view, the nearness, the complete entry into that foreign space. And there’s no need to surface continually for air. Divers strap on masks, fins, and small weights, and are connected by a 20-foot breathing hose and harness to an air tank floating on a raft above (each raft has hook-ups for two divers). As you snuba, the lightweight raft moves with you. You can stay down and explore the shallower depths of the ocean floor and reef until your skin wrinkles, without lugging around all that diving equipment. It’s designed as a preliminary experience, to ease the fearful into the underwater environment, and is safe for everyone who’s ever wanted to dive but never had the time or means to take a course. A guide accompanies all divers, and kids eight and older are welcome.
Windsurfing – Some of the beaches have boards for rent and instruction. One lesson, from an hour to an hour and a half, is about all you need to learn the basics and from then on it’s practice, practice, practice.
Kayaking, Water Skiing and Tubing – The natural calm bays and harbors of the islands are a great place to take an afternoon or evening paddle. Kayaking through the mangrove habitats and rock formations of Hurricane Hole is the ‘trip highlight’ for many. Historically one of the safest anchorages in the Caribbean, the waters of Hurricane Hole create four calm lagoons to explore.

Cruz Bay Watersports

Cruz Bay Watersports is a multi-faceted watersports and SCUBA diving operation on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John since 1982. Professional and friendly staff along with a strong eye for detail and a drive for the highest standards of service have always set us apart in the Caribbean. We offer a wide variety of…

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We customise for you! We offer you a “one stop shop” for unbias information and booking your group’s specific requirements.  No extra charges apply!

Kekoa Sailing

Explore white sand beaches & uninhabited bays aboard the beautiful KEKOA, a 50′ x 30′ wooden catamaran. KEKOA was built in 2008, has unique silver hulls, & black . The vessel has ample seating on the deck or in our shaded cockpit. KEKOA has a wet bar, a bathroom & a seat that stretches across…