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Barbados Booth at Carnival

It’s true! If you like Flying Fish, then you don’t want to miss this Booth during Carnival. When we arrived, this was the only booth with a line in front of it. Not a short line either. This is not to be missed during Carnival.

Carnival In Full Swing

So it’s Tuesday night Carnival is in full swing on St. Thomas. The crowd is slowly fighting their way down to Carnival Village after I’m long hot day on the island. Carnival Village has put a strain on the water and power authority here on St. Thomas creating multiple rolling power outages over the last…

Virgin Islands Carnival Is Underway

There’s excitement in the air. You can feel it everywhere. This is the 60th Anniversary of the Virgin Islands Carnival. I’ve been on island for a few months now and definitely looking forward to my first Carnival. The opening speeches have been made, and all that’s left to do seemingly…is party!  For the next week…it will be…

St. Thomas Braces For Carnival

The island is bustling. And everyone is getting ready to jump. Make plans to enjoy Carnival Virgin Islands in St. Thomas. This colourful and exciting event will take place April 19 – 27th 2013.   You can always learn more about Carnival Virgin Islands from the official website at: VI Carnival