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Welcome to the INS in the Virgin Islands 
Officer in Charge - The Immigration and Naturalization Service in the United States Virgin Islands

Ronald G. Parra
Officer in Charge

Paradise Through Professionalism, Perseverance, and Pride

The United States Virgin Islands are truly an American Paradise.  Because the islands are a territory of the United States, located on the border of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, there are Immigration formalities that many are not aware of, even the seasoned traveler.

This informational Internet site should answer your questions regarding:

GARD Pro Not Registered
  • INS office locations and services in the territory
  • Travel from the territory to Puerto Rico and the Continental United States
  • Arriving in the territory from outside the United States
  • Visa Waiver Pilot Program in the Caribbean Region
  • Crewmembers aboard private and commercial vessels
  • Passport office

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  1. angeles francis
    March 3, 2014 at 8:34 am

    really love to travel to the usvi. i live in russia but i come from ghana. i will be visiting the BVI ,but i would also like to visit st thomas in USVI. I contacted the us embssy in moscow , but they told me i need an invitation letter in order for my visa to be processed. my grandmother lived in st thomas before relocating to the mainland in georgia state. is there any help you can give . i should be arriving in june this summer. thank you.

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